WISLI Student Workshop: Sustained Language Learning

Note: Registration for Developing Strategies for Sustained Language Learning is now Closed.  If you were not able to join the event live, we will be sharing the recording on the WISLI website next week.  

Please find the recording down below!

This event will be held on Wednesday, August 3rd at 3pm via Zoom and will be led by Dr. Adeola Agoke. This event is free and open to current WISLI students as well as WISLI Alumni!

Event Description: Existing experience of language learners in many classroom contexts has shown consistent challenge with sustained language learning after a certain period. Building on the theory of second language acquisition and strategies for self-instructional learning, this workshop provides tools for using available learning resources and strategies for metacognitive processes to develop skill for self-instructional learning. Through an insight into performance assessment design and useful learning practices, learners can continue to make meaningful progress in their learning.