Pre-Service Orientation Week and Professional Development Opportunities

WISLI Pre-Service Orientation Week

All WISLI Instructors participate in a hybrid pre-service orientation week to prepare for the 8-week summer session.

The WISLI Pre-Service Orientation Week provides instructors with information and resources in all-WISLI and Institute-specific sessions.

During this week instructors work with teaching tools and share best practices for intensive language teaching, work with campus partners on strategies for supporting students and creating inclusive classroom environments, and have the opportunity to participate in pedagogy workshops on current topics  in language education.  There are also additional workshop opportunities offered in the summer to help support instructors professional development.

Language instructors also receive support from their Institute pedagogy coordinators as well as the Language Program Office Academic Director.

Previous WISLI Workshops for Instructors

  • Project-Based Language Learning, Stephen Tschudi, University of Hawaii
  • Testing vs. Teaching, Catherine C. Baumann, University of Chicago
  • Assessing Performance to Showcase Learners’ Growth Along the Proficiency Continuum, Paul Sandrock, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
  • Flow Like a River: Reimagining Synchronous Online Teaching, Kathryn Grovergrys, Madison College
  • Trauma-Sensitive Teaching Practices, Elizabeth Ablan, Michigan State University
  • Building Bridges: Engagement and Community Building in Online Courses, Kathryn Grovergrys, Madison College
  • Building Communicative Proficiency: How to Organize Content in Online World Language Courses, Lauren Rosen, University of Wisconsin Collaborative Language Program
  • Task-Based Language Teaching and Learning, Angelika Kraemer, Cornell University
  • Maximizing Modes and Methods in Listening and Reading Comprehension, Catherine C. Baumann, University of Chicago

Professional Development Resources for LCTL Instructors