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Gain 1 year of Arabic language study in 8 weeks

Learn Arabic

Spend your summer learning Arabic online with UW-Madison!

The Wisconsin Intensive Summer Language Institutes (WISLI) offer high-quality language courses in less commonly taught languages. WISLI courses are intensive, condensing an entire year of language study in the 8-week summer session that combines classroom learning with a variety of co-curricular activities. WISLI language courses are cost-effective, and, increasingly accessible with online learning options. WISLI will take place June 15-August 7, 2020.

Instruction for all levels

WISLI is designed for language learners of all levels, from those brand new to Arabic to those looking to hone their skills at an advanced level. More and 200 people including students, researchers, faculty, professionals from multiple sectors, military and government personnel take part to build their knowledge and cultural expertise.

Learning through WISLI

Expert language instructors combine an online classroom experience with cultural leearning to ensure that students and their peers learn their chosen languages and the associated culture in an enjoyable environment. During a typical day, students might take part in a morning lecture, join an instructor for conversation, study aspects of culture, and practice with classmates in the afternoon. The rigorous schedule and rapid pace of instruction helps students focus on building language skills and cultural fluency that can be applied to their own goals, whether they are learning to enhance academics, research, career, or better connect with community and family.


Learn Arabic through WISLI’s Arabic, Persian, and Turkish Language Institute (APTLI). Apply and learn more through the APTLI website.

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Funding your language learning

There are several opportunities to fund your summer learning Arabic or one of the 30 languages offered through WISLI. Below are just a few of the awards available to WISLI applicants. The institute hosting your language may offer additional scholarships and grants.

WISLI Scholarship
The WISLI Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship to participate in a language course offered by one of the hosted summer language institutes. Learn more.

FLAS Fellowships
Most of the courses offered through WISLI institutes are eligible for Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowships. Learn more.