Language Literacy Course


In addition to its five summer language institutes, WISLI is proud to be hosting a new  program in Summer 2021: the Language Literacy Course.

This 8-week summer program will focus on developing competency in reading and writing in your target language. This course is appropriate for students who are:

  • Heritage language learners or other language learners who have oral proficiency in the language, but need to develop their literacy skills.
  • Learners who are interested primarily in developing their reading and writing skills.

This 4-credit program is intended to complement existing summer language programs; as such, students who are eligible to enroll in a traditional language program should be encouraged to do so. Such students would not be competitive candidates for the Language Literacy Course.


The Language Literacy course will be offered as an online synchronous course, running for 2 hours per day, Monday through Friday for the duration of 8 weeks.

The Summer 2021 Program will be held from June 14 – August 6


This course focuses on language learning beginners who have intermediate oral skills, but with no or limited skills in reading and/or writing in their target language. This course is designed for learners who wish to improve their skills and knowledge of the languages’ writing system along with their other language skills. Through various synchronous and asynchronous activities, students will learn all four language skills with an emphasis on reading and writing.

By the end of the course, students will be able to know the alphabet and its sounds in the language of their choice.  They will be able to read and write simple texts or essays. They will be able to listen to basic texts, short stories and conversations, and to communicate in every day conversation using simple questions/answers.  The goal of the course is for students to acquire the written language quickly, while improving the other language skills and to use them in survival situations.


By the end of the course, students will be able to:

Use the interpersonal mode of communication…

  • to speak about familiar topics using simple questions and answers.
  • to talk about their feelings, or ideas on familiar topics.

For the interpretive mode, students…

  • will demonstrate comprehension of short stories, simple articles or conversations.
  • will identify main ideas in songs, or simple news broadcasts.
  • will use their target language to demonstrate what they understand.

For the presentational mode, students…

  • will be able to work on presentations and present them to class in person or recording it.

The credit standard for this course is met by an expectation of a total of ___ hours of student engagement with the course learning activities, which include reading, writing, self-assessment, language-learning activities, meetings with speakers of the target language, and other student work as described in the syllabus. (link to syllabi here once developed)


Complete the online Language Literacy Course application.

Applications are due ____.

(Include paragraph or bullet points about what is required in the application) 


Tuition charged to students is based on standard UW-Madison summer tuition rates. WISLI is committed to making our instruction as affordable as possible while keeping the highest quality of instruction, and assures all admitted students that they will receive scholarships so that the maximum out-of-pocket tuition cost to students will not exceed the predetermined tuition amount.

The tuition amount includes the UW-Madison segregated fees but does not include the cost of textbooks, living expenses, or the new student transcript fee. The new student transcript fee will be charged by UW-Madison to any student who has never taken a course at UW-Madison. The fee is $65 and will be assessed only one time per student, with the benefit of unlimited transcript orders. If you have already taken a course at UW-Madison and paid this fee, you will be exempt from this payment.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has mandated that all international students and their dependents residing in this country be enrolled in the UW-Madison’s Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).  For further information, please contact the SHIP Program, University Health Services, (608)-265-5232.


For information about potential funding opportunities, contact the Institute which hosts your intended language of study:

Please note that FLAS awards and the WISLI Tuition Scholarship do not apply to the Language Literacy Course.