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Students admitted to a summer language institute are responsible for making their own living arrangements.

University Housing

House fellow in student housing
House Fellows (commonly referred to as Resident Assistants or RAs) are student staff members with whom residents have the most frequent contact. Each House Fellow lives within the community they oversee.

You can find rates and application information on the Summer Term Housing website: https://www.housing.wisc.edu/residence-halls/assignments/summer/.

University Apartments Eagle Heights may also provide summer housing: Eagle Heights

University Women’s Cooperative Housing: Zoe Bayliss

Off-Campus Housing

There are also off-campus housing options available throughout Madison. A good starting point for finding off-campus housing is the Campus Area Housing website:  https://campusareahousing.wisc.edu/.

Additionally, Madison is home to a variety of housing cooperatives. You can find out more information about Madison cooperatives here.



For more help regarding housing, please contact us through email at wisli@lpo.wisc.edu


Please take note of when your lease ends. You may find that communicating with your landlord early in the housing process will be helpful.


Here are more housing options but note that these are not affiliated with the University.

Sign: Notice! Enter at own risk! Not responsible for injuries/accidents of any kind

Facebook board: UW Madison Sublet and Roommate search.

Madison Community: Madison Community Cooperative

Madison International Community Host Families: Madison Friends of International Students

Madison Property Management Inc.: Madison Property

Rentable: Rentable Co

Mullins Apartments: Mullin Apartments

Steve Brown Apartments: Steve Brown Apartments

Saxony Apartments: Saxony