2022 Chicago Language Symposium Registration Now Open!

Please see the following announcement regarding the 2022 Chicago Language Symposium:

2022 Chicago Language Symposium

The 2022 Chicago Language Symposium will be held on April 23, 2022 on the beautiful University of Chicago campus, located on the city’s south side. This year’s symposium is focused on Languages for Specific Purposes (LSP) and will discuss topics such as:

  • LSP and the 21st century learner
  • Assessing LSP courses and learners
  • LSP beyond Business and Medicine
  • How LSP courses “upskill” our students
  • LSP and its uneasy relationship with the academy

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Note about the Symposium Format

Since Northwestern University established Chicago Language Symposium in 1999 it has always been a modest-sized meeting that allowed for a lively and sustained conversation amongst its participants over the course of the Symposium’s sessions. In order to preserve that highly valued aspect of the meeting, in 2022 the Chicago Language Symposium:

  • has been conceived as a primarily in-person event
  • will allow for participants to attend remotely, however,
  • opportunities for remote-participant interaction during sessions will be limited (due to the venue)
  • all presenters must attend in-person

We thank you in advance for your understanding and consideration.

Questions? Contact Cathy Baumann at ccbauman@uchicago.edu.