UW-Madison Flagship Language Initatives

UW-Madison was recently awarded three summer language programs!

SAFLI (South Asian Flagship Languages Initiative), IFLI (Indonesian Flagship Language Initiative), and TURFLI (Turkish Flagship Language Initiative). These programs will bring approximately 40 students to UW-Madison for intensive language study of Hindi, Urdu, Indonesian, or Turkish at WISLI (the Wisconsin Intensive Summer Language Institutes) for 8-weeks during the summer of 2020. Students will then continue their studies overseas in India (SAFLI), Indonesia (IFLI), or Azerbaijan (TURFLI) during the fall semester of 2020. Beginner language students typically meet the ILR 1+/2 level of proficiency (Intermediate Hight to Advanced Low) by the end of their program. These three programs are special initiatives of the Boren Awards for International Study and will be hosted by UW-Madison until 2023!