Apply for a WISLI Tuition Scholarship


Looking for funding to study a less commonly taught language at UW-Madison this summer?

Apply for a WISLI Tuition Scholarship to fund your intensive language study at one of the summer language institutes!

The Wisconsin Intensive Summer Language Institutes (WISLI) is pleased to announce that the application is open for the summer 2019 WISLI Tuition Scholarships.  WISLI Tuition Scholarships cover full tuition for language study at the summer language institutes:


Arabic – Bengali – Brazilian Portuguese – Burmese – Dari – Filipino – Gujarati – Hindi – Hmong – Indonesian – Javanese – Kazakh – Khmer – Lao – Malayalam – Marathi – Pashto – Persian – Sanskrit – Sinhala – Tajik – Tamil – Telugu – Thai – Tibetan – Turkish – Urdu – Uyghur – Uzbek – Vietnamese

Note:  Languages and levels offered each summer are subject to minimum enrollments.   

Anyone who will be applying to one of the summer language institutes is eligible to apply for a WISLI Tuition Scholarship.

For more details about the WISLI Tuition Scholarship and to apply, visit

Contact WISLI Director Dr. Felecia Lucht at if you have any additional questions about the WISLI Tuition Scholarship.

* WISLI Tuition Scholarships for study at CESSI will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis. Contact Dr. Lucht before applying.